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Very very very friendly staff. Very patient and helpful. They gave me a sample of the churro donut and it was very soft and fresh, I have to come back and try others! I tried the Korean style corn dog with half mozzarella and half beef with potato. Very tasty and filling. Would definitely recommend.

-Emily Iris

korean corn dog

The corn dog was really good and great customer service.

-Lakeshia M. Blanco

Delicious! Ramen corn dog amazing.

-Cow King

Simply the best. Must try. Clean welcoming and delicious.

-Hong David

Great service and atmosphere as feels like a genuine Korean establishment. Food is fresh and very tasty especially the donuts. Cannot go wrong on the hot dogs either.

-Doc Rads

mochimoly menu

My first time here, and all i can say is WOW!! The donuts are so good, not to mention how amazing the hotdogs are. The staff was very nice and friendly. I will definitely be coming back!

-Petra Sequeria

Amazing experience! The staff were so kind and welcoming, and gave great recommendations. My son and I enjoyed the donuts immensely and are planning to return often.

-Ben Lee

Had great flavor options and everything we tried was delicious! Fruit flavor donuts were particularly good. Also try a hot dog if you want a quick lunch!

-Catherine Cummings


Their pork katsu was really good and their donuts are really tasty. Did not expect food to be this good was blown away.

-Joshua Eghelshi

Let’s start off with how clever the name of this place is. I wish that the mochi doughnuts were a lil more gummy texture (that’s just my preference) it didn’t taste fresh. Other than that the flavor on top was very delicious. The flavors were strawberry cheesecake, matcha, milk&cookies, tiramisu; blueberry & taro. The Kdogs were amazing especially the sauces they have out by the entrance.. top tier! Definitely coming back for the Kdogs!


korean corn dogs

The owners are so nice and the store is so cute! I love their donuts and kdogs!

-Shelley Tran

For those of us who are bored with Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme this is like a breath of fresh air. I have to admit this is acquired taste. However, if you like Mochi then this is the donut for you. The colors are unique and very attractive. I would like to see other unique flavors like garlic, onion and wasabi.

-Krishna Sudarshan

Love this place. The food is good. The place is quaint. The employees are super helpful and patient. Will definitely be coming back here (maybe with friends!).

-Lena Zhu

mochi donut

The donuts here are always amazing! They have fun colors with cute toppings. I love their drinks and mochi ice cream! The donuts are $3.50 each which is a reasonable price for a mochi donut.


box of mochi donuts

Great doughnut, wasn’t oily which some mochi donuts can be. The espresso ice cream on the other hand was a little too sweet but otherwise great place.

-Roderick Heffley

mochi donuts

Mochimoly! What a wonderful treat to serve my family and a big hit for special occasions! The owner couldn’t be nicer and always so helpful. The establishment was clean and staff very friendly! Try a Mochimoly today!

-Lynne Tenten

Great place for a quick lunch + dessert. Their rice bowls were surprisingly good and the sparkling lemonade was also really good. Would go again.

-Ben Lee

Such great staff, and treats. I would recommend as a snack if you are in westfield!!

-Sean Moore
mochi donuts

Great food and great service 10/10 would come again.

-Ryan Moore

It’s a store that makes me feel good when I visit. The donuts taste good and the owner and staff are friendly.

-Yoon Sung Soo

Best mochi donut place!

-Ron Eng

Delicious doughnuts, will have to try more flavors/varieties soon.

-Ian Jenkins

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